Active User at grow-plan vs pricing

I am a little confused about the pricing. Is it really the case that with the Grow plan you can have a maximum of 100 paid subscriptions? At a fixed cost of €99, that would mean that micro-apis (for e.g. €2-3 per month) would give at least 60% of the revenue to Blobr. That would be an economic disaster. Costs would have to drop tenfold for this otherwise great product to survive.

Thanks a lot for your feedback. I totally understand. At this price, if you use any payment provider, it will cost you over 30% per API for micro-apis. If you have large volume if can reduce your costs as we have preferred enterprise plans.
When we change our plans so that it fits better your plan, we will reach out to you.

An annual payment would be offered and the transaction costs would possibly then fall below 5%.

However, for APIs of “indie hackers” with monthly prices around 2-5€, the standard plans are unfortunately not suitable at all, although in my opinion this could be the primary target group for this tool.

Agree with this. Apparently I need more characters to post this comment