API creation from Blobr or elsewhere

I have data that I want to sell using APIs, but I don’t know where to start. It doesn’t seem that I can create an API, directly from Blobr. Can you confirm?

Do you know any way for me to create an API that I can plug in to Blobr?
A no-code tool for example?

Thanks team!

Of course, there are ways to leverage your data and create an API with a no-code solution.
Xano is a good example: you add your data like in any spreadsheet and Xano generates its own API.
Then, you just have to connect this API on Blobr.

Here’s the link: https://www.xano.com/
Sorry for the sound quality, but here is also a video we created on the subject: Create and share an API with no code - YouTube

Finally, there’s this article that summarizes some cool no-code solutions on the topic: 10 No-Code Tools To Build APIs With | Nordic APIs |

Don’t hesitate if you have some other questions.