Change pricing plans

I have two two questions relating to the pricing models:

  1. I would like to adjust a pricing plan of an existing product. How can I achieve this?

  2. Below you see an example of one of our products pricing plan. Will be all tiers prices summed up if a client breach the respective tiers? E.g. if a client in our case reach Tier 4, will he be charged for the month with 30+80+300=410€ or will be the previous tiers subtracted from the the most recent tier charge, in this case the final billing amount for the client would be then 300€ if he reached Tier 4? We would like to achieve the second behaviour in our case, this means if a customer plans to consume approx. 300K requests we would like that he have a final billing amount of 300€.

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Hey, thanks for your questions.

  1. Are you trying to edit the price of an existing product? For now, you can only edit the price of an API Product if there are no subscribers to that product. In case there already are some subscribers to that API Product, you’ll first need to cancel all subscriptions related to the API Product. You can do so by asking your users to cancel their subscriptions or by manually cancelling the subscriptions by going to the clients section on the dashboard.

  2. Concerning the tiered pricing you’ve put in place, it looks great. What you are trying to achieve is exactly how it works on Blobr. If your customer makes approx. 300K requests per month, the customer will be billed €300.

Don’t hesitate if you have any other questions!

Great, thank you for the fast reply. Relating to 1. most probably both suggestions (ask customers or manual unsubscribe them, which would interrupt their application) would not work for us. We will think about it, for the time being, we can live with this, if we have another idea we will raise a feature request.

Was your API product public? In that case, what I would advise is switch your API product to private, while you ask customers to cancel their subscriptions and/ or manually cancel the subscriptions on your end as well. In the meantime, you’ll be able to create another product, with the correct pricing, that new customers would subscribe to.

We plan to work on a new feature that would allow you to change the number of allowed API calls that have been set in a created product. That would help in case you made a mistake for one of your API products. Yet, that’s tricky to change an API product price, when customers have already subscribed to them.

What I would also advise is to create some private products on your end to test the business model that you’re thinking of, before actually launching that API product out there.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.