End of monetization on Starter plan?

Hi there,

I noticed the end of monetization on Starter plan - it used to be 10% fee. Now this 10% fee is on Grow plan. No way to monetize on Starter plan anymore.
I was building out some APIs in order to give it a go and monetize them on Blobr, but don’t think I’m comfortable with paying $100/month with 10% cut at this moment.
Why not take 20% on the free tier for example, just like Rakuten does?

Hi Nico,
Thanks for your input.
We are currenty having discussions about moving the minimum fixed fee from $100 to $10 to make it easier for starters. Would that be a better option for you to begin with Blobr ?

Hi Alex,
$10 is more reasonable than $100, indeed.

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I’ve just signed up to see what the process if but I’ve got to agree with Niko. $100 is too steep for a someone like me who is keen to test a product with the market, but is unsure of its viability.

Would love to see monetisation at a starter level

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