How is monetization managed through Blobr?

Monetization is handled through Stripe Connect. It is the fastest and easiest way to integrate payments into an existing software. With Stripe Connect, we were able to build and scale end-to-end payment experiences from instant onboarding to global payouts — all while having Stripe handle payments KYC. We also chose Stripe Connect because it allows us to manage everything related to payments without ever having access to your Stripe account. With the help of Stripe Connect we do not touch your money. Instead, your money is transferred directly from your customers to your bank account. In order to benefit from Stripe, you just need to have a Stripe account (it only takes a few minutes to create one).

To monetize your API Products, you then have several business model options on Blobr:

Flat-fee: your API Products are monetized based on a subscription fee. You can add a soft limit so that users pay an extra fee per call, above that limit.
Per-unit: your API Products are monetized based on usage.
Tiered: your API Products are monetized differently based on the tiers you define.
Custom: your API Products are featured with no specific business model. Instead a “Contact us” CTA is displayed so that you can be in touch with Providers and negotiate the price.

:information_source: For each and every business model, you can monetize based on API calls or any other unit you define. You also have the ability to add some Free trial options, so that Providers can test the Product before actually paying for using them.