[ip whitelist]pls share your blobr egress ip ranges

now we want to build serveral apis in blobr.But the apis will just internal access in our side.Now we need to whitelist ip ranges from blobr so that users who subscribed our apis could call our internal apis via blobr.

Hey @harry
I am sorry the delay. You can contact me directly on the chat and I will reply right away.
That IP whitelist feature is part of our Enterprise plan. It can be discussed with us at your convenience. You can book a meeting thanks to that link: https://meetings.hubspot.com/georges-lagardere
Looking forward to hearing from you!

very thanks.
Got your idea. and one more question about response headers info when call apis via your side forward.
now there are two headers:
what to know how those two field come up?for example,X-Blobr-Request-Id is consistanted with nano timestamp and etc.
could you help show more context on them?