Product Updates - December 21st 2022

Hi, here’s the last product update (with a little delay…).
This time, we’ll talk GA4 integration and one-time free products.

Google Analytics integration

Connect your API store/ portal to your Google Analytics.

It is now possible to configure your Google Analytics tracking. This allows you to track visitors number, conversions, understand where your visitors are coming from and much more! A new way to collect valuable data and take insightful business decisions.

Improved billing experience

A clearer and simpler way to bill your customers.

You can now offer your customers a more personalized billing experience. Your customer shares any relevant VAT ID when subscribing to a product, Stripe does the rest. We have also expanded the documentation on how you can customize your invoices, right from your Stripe account. We are finally gradually adding more custom billing periods.

One time free product

Give your future customers a taste of your API.

On top of our “Free trial” option, you can now create free products to be used once, giving access to your API product without asking for credit card details. This way, new users can enjoy a free product for a limited time, before subscribing to a paid product.

And what’s next?

  • GitHub integration
    Is GitHub the only source of truth for your APIs? You’re not the only one! That’s why we are working on an integration to synchronize your OpenAPI file with Blobr. You will be able to connect your APIs way more easily. This also means that when a new API version is detected on your GitHub repository, a new API source will be added on Blobr!

  • Improvements of the Analytics page
    In the coming months, we will be enhancing and enriching the analytics page to provide even more data about your users’ behaviors. More KPIs and a redesigned dashboard to provide you the info you’re looking for.

  • Custom pages
    You want to provide more info to your API consumers? With the new Custom pages, this will be possible! You will be able to easily create pages on your Dashboard, to be displayed on your API portal. Using Markdown, it will be possible to structure your messages with titles, lists, images and more.

See you soon for more updates!