Product Updates - February, 1st 2023

Hi everyone and welcome to all the newcomers!

iIf you didn’t saw our email, here’s a recap of the last features we released and what’s next for you!

Create some Custom Pages

A blank page for you to fill.

Because every portal is different, we provided a new custom way to add info for your API consumers. You can now create pages on your Dashboard, to be displayed on your API portal/store. Using Markdown (a Notion-like text editor), you can structure your messages with titles, lists, images, code and more. Some ideas of custom pages to add to your portal/store: Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions etc.

Switch your API portal to an API store

Change the nature of your portal, according to your needs.

As you have noticed, you can create a portal or a store on Blobr. But there was no clear distinction between them. That’s now very easy to switch between the two. On the API portal, you focus on increasing your adoption and sharing non-monetized API products. On the API store, you focus on increasing your revenue. You get new functionalities, including monetization with various pricing models and automated billing for API consumers. The wording and look of API Products also change as you move from one to the other.

Get more freedom to upgrade your plan

Your business is growing? Change your plan in an instant.

In addition to the API store/ portal switch, we have also made it easy for you to choose and subscribe to the plan of your choice on Blobr. Click on your name at the bottom left of your dashboard and then on “Plan & billing” to view the different plans and subscribe as you wish. Check out your pricing structure which ranges from Start, Grow, Scale plans to the Entreprise plan, where everything can be customized to meet your needs.

And what’s next?

GitHub integration

Is GitHub the only source of truth for your APIs? You’re not the only one! That’s why we are about to release an integration to synchronize your OpenAPI file with Blobr. You will be able to connect your APIs way more easily. You will be able to connect your API sources and API versions more easily, in a matter of clicks.

Blobr Retrofit

More custom features, with a refined way to modify the API URLs and API key names. You will be able to give your API URLs and API key names a more distinct, custom name and, if you’re already using other API Management solutions, you’ll be able go to plug your API more easily to Blobr.

Improvements of the Analytics page

In the coming weeks, we will be enriching the analytics page to provide data about all of your users’ behaviours. Our goal is to provide you with all the analytics you need to take actions.