Product Updates - March, 10th 2023

Here’s a new Product Update to announce a new helpful feature.

Change Products order on Product catalog

Highlight the API Products of your choice, or simply reorder at your convenience!

Until now, the last API Product created was the first to be displayed on the portal/ store. Yet, it’s very likely that you want to gather free products together, while gathering monetized products in some other place.

That’s why it is now possible to change the order of your API Products (both private & public ones) on the product catalog. Test the API Product positioning that works best. When you know what is most used or what pays the most, harmonize your product catalog.

To start ordering your API Products, just go to the product catalog page of your Dashboard. Click and hold the API Products to start reordering them. Go to your API portal/ store to instantly see the changes you’ve made!

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