Product Updates - March, 23rd 2023

We just dropped a feature that might interest you :wink:

Improved flow to invite clients

Invite clients more easily, and re-invite them as many times as you want.

If you’re looking to strengthen your brand and solidify your relationship with your API consumers, it’s best to be proactive and invite users to your portal or store.

API consumers sometimes miss their invitations and, until now, it wasn’t possible to resend them. Now you can invite them as many time as you’d like so they can easily retrieve the invitation and sign up on the portal/ store. You can do the same for product invitations.

The CTAs on this page have also been improved to be more meaningful.

→ You can see it here.

Other improvements include

  • Improvements on Open API Specs files integrations;
  • Improvements on Google SSO;
  • Improvements on hard coded APIs;
  • API Portals examples and training booking options on Dashboard home page.

See you soon a a new product update!