Product Updates - March, 2nd 2023

Hi there,

Excited to announce what’s new here! :star2:

You are on a Free plan? Try out the full version of Blobr!
With the Free trial, you can test any plan for 14 days, no strings attached. Enough to explore Blobr’s additional features, like monetization, custom domain name, or SSO. You can use this free trial to turn your API portal into an API store and test any API business idea.

A new side navigation structure to make your dashboard clearer.
In the past few months, we have added a lot of features to empower your APIs, which could make it more difficult for you to find your way around.
That’s why we decided to reorganize the dashboard navigation by introducing two main parts: Management of your APIs & Customization of your API portal/ store.

Easily access the IDs you need from the dashboard: Group IDs, Product IDs and Subscriptions IDs.

With this new feature, you can access and copy in one click all the IDs of your choice:

  • From the Product page: Product ID;
  • From the Clients page: Subscription and Group IDs;
  • From API Logs: Request ID, Subscription ID, Product ID and Group ID.

Don’t hesitate to give us feedback. :pray: