Product Updates - November 29th 2022

Hi there!

Here’s what’s new on Blobr, and today we focus on pricing options.

Share API Products with no business model attached.

When creating your API product, you can now select a “Contact Us” option to allow your future API customers to contact you directly for more info. This way, you don’t have to commit to a price yet. This gives you room to negotiate or adapt the price to your future customer.

Users are more likely to believe your API can help them if you show them rather than just tell them about its benefits! With the free trial option, you can select a time period and/or number of calls to allow your new subscribers to test your API product before paying for its use. This ensures a high level of customer satisfaction and retention.

Get a detailed extract of all API logs.

You can download a .csv file summarizing all API calls that have been made by your users. You get a complete view with 16 fields per entry. Among them: timestamps, request IDs, method, path etc. Everything you need to run your API logs analyses!