What’s the difference between an API Portal and an API Store on Blobr?

:dizzy: An API Portal is where you showcase your API Products. The API portal helps you grow the adoption of your APIs and build long-term relationships with your users. On that API Portal, your API Products can be consumed for free and frictionless. Most often, the API Portal will then be used to share APIs externally. But it can happen that the API Portal is used for internal use as well, in order to onboard existing developers, document APIs and make sure everything is handled at one single place.

:money_mouth_face: An API Store is the place to grow your API revenue. You can build a very custom store on Blobr as you can choose between many different business models for your monetized API Products. Users get a nice and sleek access to the store when they can subscribe, use and follow their API usage. You can provide a freemium subscription pricing model to allow easy adoption and progressively charges based on usage and users. You also get all the info you need to understand your users’ behaviours and adapt to their needs.